Public Information

  1. Applications & Forms

    Residents can access firework applications, ride-along requests, tag requests, and air pack service request forms.

  2. Calling 911

    When you are faced with an emergency, the more you can do to save time, the better. That's why you should always call 911 whenever you need emergency help from police, fire department, and ambulance, or all three.

  3. Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Complete a quick survey to let the Fire and Emergency Services Department how they are doing. This includes an opportunity for compliments, concerns, and other feedback.

  4. Everbridge Citizen Alert

    We are pleased to announce the launch of a new mass notification system for the County! The system, provided by Everbridge, includes three functions: Emergency Notifications, a Citizen Portal, and County Employee Notifications

  5. Fire & Emergency Services Helpful Links

    Access helpful links such as the Department of Fire Programs, Office of Emergency Medical Services, FEMA Study Course, Virginia Department of Forestry, and more.

  6. Lake Anna Dock 911 Dock Signage

    Universal Location Signage. The dock sign project will decrease the overall response time of public safety responders to emergencies on Lake Anna. This will be accomplished by decreasing the 9-1-1 call processing time by making it easier for Dispatchers to obtain accurate emergency locations through the installation of location signs in highly visible waterfront locations throughout Lake Anna. Your purchase and proper installation of a sign WILL have a public safety benefit. Every sign installed in a highly visible place is one more opportunity for a potential emergency caller to provide a clear, accurate location to a 9-1-1 Dispatcher

  7. Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

    Louisa County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). The purpose of the Committee is twofold. First, the Committee is to ensure that all acts required by SARA Title III, the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 are complied with, and that all necessary work is accomplished to develop a comprehensive radiological emergency response plan for the County of Louisa. Secondly, the Committee shall serve as the advisory committee for Emergency Management’s disaster planning coordination within the County of Louisa.

  8. Non-Emergency Contacts

    View a helpful list of non-emergency contact information.

  9. Revenue Recovery

    The EMS Revenue Recovery Program is designed to sustain the amount of funding available for local emergency medical services by collecting a user fee for ambulance transports.

  10. Safety Tips & Disaster Preparedness

    Learn more about how to keep your family safe during winter, winter driving, extreme heat, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

  11. Straight Tip Newsletter

    Read the most recent news published in the Straight Tip Newsletter for upcoming events, notifications, and interesting articles.

  12. Water Safety Station Information (PDF)

    Discover more about the Water Safety Station Initiative (WSSI) which entails the purchase and installation of a “Ring Buoy Safety Station” at key locations around Lake Anna and Lake Louisa.