Community Development

  1. Building Inspections

    View details of the work of the Building Inspections Division as they follow Virginia's Uniform State Building Code, which sets standards for the construction and installation of all buildings, structures and related equipment.

  2. Code Enforcement, Erosion & Sediment

    Any time you clear, grade, excavate, or transport soil, you are causing a land disturbance. Learn more to be prepared while developing in Louisa County.

  3. County Zoning Ordinance (Municode)

  4. FAQs

    Find answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the work of the Community Development Department.

  1. Online GIS and Tax Maps

    Link to our Online Graphical Information System (GIS), a searchable assessment database or choose individual PDF documents for each Tax Map.

  2. Planning & Zoning

    Gain a better understanding of the work by the Planning and Zoning Division.

  3. Staff, Committees & Boards

    View a listing of the staff and various committees and boards.