Planning & Zoning

  1. Dividing Land

    Gain an understanding of dividing land among subdivisions, family divisions and more.

  2. Land Use

    If you want to change the zoning for a property, or you need a conditional use permit, or you want to request a variance or special exception from the zoning, you will need to apply for a land use amendment.

  3. Request for Information (PDF)

    View details regarding requesting information or division review.

  4. Resources

    View various resources for Planning and Zoning projects in Louisa County.

  1. Rural Road Additions (PDF)

    Gain an understanding of the Louisa County Rural Road Addition Process.

  2. Site Plans

    If you are building, developing, or changing the use of your land, you need to submit a Site Plan to the Community Development Department.

  3. Virginia Department of Transportation

    View resources regarding the work of the Virginia Department of Transportation and their work in Louisa County.

  4. Zoning Permits

    A zoning permit is required for various activities in the County, including, but not limited to building a single family house; erecting a sign; running a business from your home; and building a seawall or a dock on Lake Anna.