Our mission: Provide competent and professional fire, emergency medical services and emergency management to our community.

Strategic Plan - 2016 -- Louisa FEMS Strategic Plan 2016
The Louisa County Department of Fire and EMS (LCDFEMS, “the department”) remains ever committed to providing the highest level of service to our community. As our community continues to grow and change, so does the demand for services. Meeting the changing needs of our community and maintaining a framework for continuous improvement is of paramount importance.
We do this through our strategic objectives:
  1. Ensure the health and safety of the career and volunteer providers of emergency services.
  2. Protect the life, property and environment of our community.
  3. Partner with all county volunteer Fire and EMS agencies to increase the organizational effectiveness while maintaining a cost-effective service to our community.
  4. Maintain a leadership role in community risk reduction by providing a variety of educational programs designed to reduce the threat of fire, medical emergencies, as well as household and vehicle accidents.
  5. Recruit and retain a diverse workforce to reflect the community we serve.
  6. Develop our workforce by ensuring all initial training, continuing education and leadership development programs meet or exceed applicable industry standards.

County of Louisa
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